4 In A Row At Tri-City

From Tri-City Raceway Park news release…

In the Krill Recycling LLC 358 Modifieds, Travis Shingledecker had the pole, while his brother, Jeremiah started last due to his three consecutive wins. Next to Travis was Nick Joy. Kyle Inman and Kole Holden, substituting for Jimmy, went off in row two. Max Smoker and Kyle Fink had the third row occupied, with Lonnie Riggs and David Scott, pinch-hitting for Tom Holden, in the fourth row. Row five belonged to Kevin Hoffman and Sid Unverzagt, Jr. Jim Rasey, sitting in for D.J. Schrader, and the Reno Rocket, Les Myers, were in row six. Then came Kevin Green and Eric Beggs ahead of Jeremiah Shingledecker.

Travis Shingledecker moved to the lead at the drop of the green, followed by Joy, Inman, and Kole Holden.
Eric Beggs brought out his first caution on lap two, but Travis Shingledecker remained the leader when things got going again. Inman moved past Joy for the second spot and he was hounding Travis for the lead.

Inman made his move to the front of the field by lap five and Travis Shingledecker was holding off Kole Holden, Scott, Joy, and Jeremiah Shingledecker, who had charged from the rear of the field.

Shortly before the halfway mark, Jeremiah Shingledecker put a strong move on Joy of the fourth spot. There was heavy contact in turn three and Joy went around, collecting Riggs in the process. Jeremiah Shingledecker was sent to the rear for the incident but, due to attrition, the penalty was not so severe.

On the restart, Inman led Travis Shingledecker, Kole Holden, and Scott. But Jeremiah Shingledecker was on the move again. He reached the top five quickly and soon he was challenging his younger brother for second.

Inman pulled up lame coming down the backstretch and that made it a sibling rivalry between Travis and Jeremiah. Travis put up the good fight, with Jeremiah looking high and low for a way around Travis. Travis moved down half a lane, taking away Jeremiah’s preferred inside line. So, with no place left to go, Jeremiah went back to the top. He drew up alongside Travis several times.

On lap 17, Jeremiah used the high line and came off turn four side by side with Travis. Travis did not back off, and his car drifted high, so Jeremiah checked up.
On the next lap, Jeremiah made the same move. However, this time he had more momentum, and he came off turn four ahead of Travis. He swooped in to turn one with the lead and went on to victory.

“I’d like to take my hat off to my brother,” Jeremiah said. “He drove a good race. I thought he had me. He made that car pretty wide. I was convinced that he was not going to back off, so I had to.”

The heat races for the Krill Recycling Modifieds were presented by Donovan & Bauer Auto Group. The winners were Jeremiah Shingledecker and Kyle Inman. There was no B Main.

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