Jeremiah Shingledecker Collects Biggest Payday in BRP Modified Tour History with $7K Win!

From Mercer Raceway Park press release:

Veteran Jeremiah Shingledecker scored the biggest win in his long storied career by capturing the $7000 to win BRP modified 25th-anniversary showdown Saturday at Mercer over a 26-car field that paid $500 to start.

2022 big block mod Mercer champ Mike Kinney would look impressive at the start leading the first five laps until Shingledecker took over on lap 6. Ralph Quarterson Memorial winner and Friday night winner Garrett Krummert would take over on lap 8 and would look to double up on the weekend until he blew a tire on lap 14 giving Shingledecker the lead again.

Shingledecker would keep the lead for the remaining 35 laps but as the race progressed both Krummert and 2021 champ Eric Gabany were methodically moving up through the field . Gabany would start 23 and with 10 to go would be up to 8th. Krummert also passed cars and would be 7th with 10 to go.

On lap 40 a caution came out which would negate Shingledecker’s 3.5 second lead over Erick Rudolph. On the restart Rudolph would be right next to the 37md but both Krummert and Gabany were on a mission as Rudolph dropped to 3rd on lap 44 as Krummert got around and then Gabany would take over 3rd on lap 46 putting Rudolph back to 4th. From there it was a game of cat and mouse as Krummert closed the gap to less than a second but the 37md was too strong and would pull out to a 2.09 second lead and would take the crowd pleasing victory on the final lap. Krummert would finish 2nd with Gabany 3rd, Rudolph was 4th and Mike Kinney 5th.

An excited Jeremiah would say “I need a beer!!! That’s more then double the biggest race we ever won I have to thank the Michaels family for putting this on and their track is 200 percent better than It was. When you have Rudolph and Krummert besides you you can only have so many restarts until they beat you but it’s part of the show. It feels good to get back here and picking up $7000 doesn’t hurt anyones feelings.”

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