Jeremiah Wins at Tri-City Special on July 2

It was a sibling rivalry at the start of the Donovan & Bauer Auto Group 358 Modified race, as Travis and Jeremiah Shingledecker shared the front row, and Lonnie Riggs and Jeff Schaffer were in row two. Both Tom Holden and Greg Martin made their first Tr-City starts this season and departed from row three. Andy Jankowiak and Don Cornelius were in row four, and Jeremy Beichner was the caboose on this train.

The brothers Shingledecker put on a spirited duel for the first several laps before Jeremiah seized control. Travis continued along in second for several more laps before giving way to Martin.
Jeremiah had a commanding lead wiped out by a caution with eleven laps complete. He took the outside line for the restart and he had second thoughts about it. “I thought I picked the wrong line for the restart. It was a little bumpy up there, and he had a good run on me, and that made it harder.”

Harder, indeed. Jeremiah and Martin went toe to toe for several laps before Jeremiah found some grip about half a groove down from where he had been running. He began to pull away from Martin and had a sizable lead at the checkers.

Following Jeremiah Shingledecker and Martin were Lonny Riggs, Jeff Schaffer, and Don Cornelius. Jankowiak, Travis Shingledecker, Beichner, and Holden completed the field.

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